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Yaron Kafkafi

For over three decades, Yaron Kafkafi has been one of the most acclaimed composers, lyricists and playwrights in Israel. He has written over 20 hit musicals earning him the local title “King of Musicals.”

Yaron Kafkafi's TED Talk - TEDxTelAviv 2018

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On march 2018, Yaron had the privilege of performing his own TED talk in TEDxTel-Aviv, presenting his original theory of The 5 elements of making your dreams come true.
His entire talk is now available though TED websites and apps internationally.

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Production Highlights

In 2022 Yaron Kafkafi will celebrate 30 years of musical theatre creation. These are a few of his production over the years.

Around the World 2007

Lior Ashkenazi as Phileas Fogg and Eli Jaspan as Passepartout in Yaron Kafkafi's original musical - Around the World in 80 Days. (With English subtitles)
Act I - 2nd song.

Directed by
Yaron Kafkafi | Produced by Yochelman-Asher Productions 2007


BORN IN JERUSALEM (“Ani Yerushalmi”), an original musical by Yaron Kafkafi, features the songs and the life story of Yehoram Gaon, one of Israel's most prominent and iconic actor and singer persona. The musical weaves together Gaon's childhood in Jerusalem until the reunification of the city in 1967 and the historical events that lead up to this moment 50 years ago.

Around the World 2017

The 2017 revival of "Around the World in 80 Days" will star Harel Skaat as Phileas Fogg, Zvika Hadar as Passepartout, Roni Dalumi as Auda the Indian Princess, and Hanna Laslo as a female take on detective Fix.

Around the World in 80 Days - Clip

YK 50 Aniversary

YK Celebrated his 50th Birthday in a Tel-Aviv club with his family, friends and actors.

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A collection of YK's production posters since 1992 to present day.

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Yaron Kafkafi

Highlights from YK's biography and resumee.

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Yaron Kafkafi Productions in Hebrew